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10 Reasons to Run at Alice Holt

1) The trails are incredibly well maintained, they generally don't get too muddy or too waterlogged. The staff at Alice Holt check them daily for potential hazards.

2) Wide trails allow plenty of space for groups of Canicrossers to run together plus lots of space to share with other trail users.

3) Easy to access streams flow through parts of the forest for dogs to cool-down in during a run.

4) A cafe to warm-up during Winter and cool-down during Summer plus water bowls for the dogs all year round.

5) Plenty of fun family friendly activities on site for the rest of your gang to do while you run before re-grouping for a great day out for all.

6) Parkrun every Saturday at 9am. Super motivation and a fun sociable event for all (Canicrossers must use the shorter PR line and only one dog per person).

7) AAT-Events host Bolt round the Holt annually: 1k for kids & 5K for kids, 5k, 10k & Half Marathon which welcomes Canicross entries.

8) Cycle hire on site so you can run while your family/friends accompany you on bikes. Alternatively you can attempt bikejoring!

9) On-site toilets. Enough said!

10) The Discovery Pass membership gives you free parking for 2 cars all year round plus the following discounts: 15% off on-site cafe purchases, 15% off Go Ape, 15% off Forest Holidays, 10% off Paramo Clothing , 15% off Muddy Puddles (plus free delivery), 15% off at Cotswold Outdoor, Snow and Rock, Cycle Surgery and Runners Need.

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